Sing You A Lullaby

Sleep is the best meditation – Dalai Lama Advertisements

Tanned Skin

I really can’t say much:¬†having a new guy to be a model is already a great chance to me, but I guess I can’t do much either. Hope you’ll like it anyway. WordPress… Continue reading

Gloomy Mood

Just few photos to let you know that I’m still alive and try to do more ūüôā


So relaxed and confident, Dewa posed before my camera. And I hope I responded well to him.  

Bed Time

Dewa, he called himself, rang me and asked to be photographed at once. What a rush. But well, we can try, so here you are, some pictures we’ve made in a hurry.

Shy Guy

He came to me out of the blue one evening. He ¬†said ¬†he just wanted to know how it feels to be a model. So I took some pictures of him and he… Continue reading

Viens Vite

“Les yeux sont les interpr√®tes du¬†coeur; mais il n’y a que celui qui y a int√©r√™t qui entend leur¬†langage” [ Blaise Pascal ]¬† Discours¬†sur les passions de l’amour model: Hasan

Si Tu Veux, Viens!

“Je ne¬†sais¬†ce que c’est que¬†vouloir¬†sans¬†faire.” Entretiens au bord de la mer (1931) [Citations de Emile-Auguste Chartier, dit Alain]

La Vieille Porte

“Si tu¬†veux¬†franchir¬†une¬†porte¬†ferm√©e, il¬†faut¬†passer;¬† au-dessus, par¬†dessous, de¬†cot√©¬†et, s’il le¬†faut, par le¬†trou¬†de la¬†serrure.” ~¬†Pauline Julien

against the wall, or so..

aplogies for always being away for too long here more of Tito, my fave model so far ūüôā