Red Brief

How can you resist? Advertisements

The Boy

Bare-chested, the beauty of the youth 🙂

Cutie Teddie

I’m not really surprised, why this teddy is the envy of many people

Good Morning!

A cup of coffee, to brighten your day Moza

Boy and Toy

You could never separate a boy from his toy

Stars on Your Shoulder

The smile, the stare, and the stars How can we say no to such look?

Past Midnight

What do you find in your fridge?

Peeping Tom

Watching from afar, trying too peek, what we’re not supposed to see..


When you look yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Hope or despair? model: Moza

Runway Hunks

It’s always refreshing to see them on the runway; here and there, now and then.