Fashion Session

Happy Sunday! I was lucky to have a chance doing the photoshoot for a big magz. So here’s some stolen moments, a peek before it’s published in June.   Advertisements

Bedtime Story

My first attempt to do nude, with a very simple camera – not yet a DSLR.  I think I have to post it, as the part of my story and history. I like… Continue reading

Does size matter?

As i mentioned in my greetings; for me size doesn’t have anything to do with being sexy. Attitude and confidence is the real sexiness. So, why can’t you ?


It was quite dark in the wood, and insects were start biting. Location: bamboo woodland, Maguwoharjo-Yogyakarta

Voyez, ils sont nus!

[ fr: look, they are naked ] Do you think that naked pic is always porn? Seriously?    


Located at Umbul Pajangan, a sacred spring, east part of Yogyakarta, Java.

Backyard Quickie

We didn’t have so much time to shoot, since it wasn’t our property and it’s located in the middle of  busy  street. So we just rushed and snap snap snap! Just realized that… Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello everyone, hope you enjoy the pictures. It’s not always about nudity, and never about pornography. For me it’s just a way to express our senses.