He loves being photographed, but insisted not to be published in this blog. Hm.. so I could only give you a little peek on his photos. And hope you like what you see.… Continue reading


Always love to try something old and something new. Whatever it is 🙂 Another session with Tito, he just cut his hair short, and leave the beard and mustache grows a little bit.… Continue reading

Lonely Part II

Probably you’ve seen some changes in the layout and photographic style. I’m just so bored with things and try to get a little new thing here and there, I hope you don’t mind… Continue reading


Learning noise and movements. Model: Budi

Alli, B&W

More of Alli in black and white. I hope this trick works 🙂

Cool Guy

Alli, although he’s a bit quiet, he seems to be quite comfortable with his nudity in front of the camera. Sometimes he’s just smiling, and pose. Charming.

Rasha Again

The last look of him  

Reflections and More

not the perfect one as a picture, but what a sight!


More of Rasha in colors.

Black & White Again

Rasha is Acehnese, he’s originally from the farther northwest part of Indonesia. That’s probably how he got that sharp look.