In Socks

  The adorable Fandry Advertisements

Mac’in Hottie

Book Worm

Nuff said

In Black Leather

Never want to waste my chance to fill the blog with Fandry’s photos ­čśÇ    

In Black and White

More of Fandry. As I promised. And that’s not all. Yet.

About A Boy

for Indonesian, 20 years old is such a young age, and that’s how I see Fandry. So young. But I guess he knows exactly what he wants and what he doesn’t. Lovely. I… Continue reading

Angelic Devilish

Putra is either a bad boy with innocent look, or just a nice boy with devilish aura. I’m hesitated. I leave it all to you to judge.

Just Because

Not a chance of finding any models lately. The only one I could meet just this guy, who seemed to be not too interested enough with this project. Well, I can’t please everyone… Continue reading

White Room

Some simple portraits,┬áhopefully decent enough for you. Robby is a nice guy, ┬ábut I didn’t have enough time to get to know him more. We just met at the day I shoot him… Continue reading

Wicked Eyes

Sorry for being away for quite sometimes. As always, my job is really time consuming. And finding any model isn’t that easy. Among these few models I’ve met, Tito is one of my… Continue reading